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What Is a Courteous Meaning in Hindi

The polite gesture was exchanged between the presidents of the two countries. Hindi: दोनों देशों के राष्ट्रपतियों के बयों ं 嬝े ब坧च विनम्र भाव का आदान-प्रदान हुआ है | English: He`s a polite person. Hindi: वह एक विनम्र व्यक्ति हैं | Which means polite in Hindi, polite in Hindi, polite definition, explanation, pronunciation and examples of politeness in Hindi. fast and accommodating service — त्वरित और विनम्र सेवा English: Mahatma Gandhi was one of the most polite men history has ever seen. Hindi: महात्मा गांधी इतिहास के अब तक के सबस 0समहान विनम्र व्यक्तियों में से एक थे | Meaning and definitions of poli, translation of polite into Hindi language with similar and opposite words. Spoken pronunciation of politeness in English and Hindi. English: He is popular with his friends and colleagues because of his polite behavior. Hindi: He is popular with his friends and colleagues because of his modest behavior| Polite expression — polite expression, polite statement I have polite — I have polite humility — polite English, polite: His polite language pleases everyone. Hindi: Everyone loves your polite language| Politeness — decency, modesty, humility English: This is one of the polite men I have ever met. Hindi: He`s one of the humble people I`ve met| English: She is polite and generous to people. Hindi: He is both humble and generous to people| English: People were more helpful and accommodating than modern people.

Hindi: In the past, people were more helpful and polite than modern ones| English: Some people try to take advantage of polite people unnecessarily. Hindi: Some people try to take excessive advantage of humble people| polite manager — polite manager… Etiquette is the set of conventional rules of personal behavior in a polite society, usually in the form of a code of ethics that describes expected and accepted social behaviors that conform to the conventions and norms respected by a society, social class, or social group. In modern English usage, the French word label (ticket) dates back to 1750. You can create your own word lists based on topics. `Courteous` शब्द का उपयोग करके बनाये जाने ये ࢱ ࢻाने ाले वाक्य (Sentence) कुछ इस प्रकार से है | We are constantly improving our dictionaries. Nevertheless, it is possible that some words are not available. You can ask other members in the forums or send us an email. We will try to help you. . `Courtois` का उच्चारण= कटिअस, कअटीअस. .

. . `Courteous` के समानार्थी (synonyms) शब्द कुछ इस प्रकार से है |. . «Courtois» is an Adjektiv (adjective) |. Englisch Hindi Wörterbuch | The Hindi English dictionary is «courteous,» meaning it is polite to and respectful of others|. 🎁 Mit freundlicher Genehmigung der einfachen Bedeutung des Wortes in Hindi. . . .