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Acte Necesare Pentru Contract De Vanzare-Cumparare Casa

The penalty in case of non-compliance with the conditions of performance of the natural person is the relative nullity of the contract (Article 44 of the new Civil Code) [2] The sale can only take place if the property has a land register and a debit. If the property is not registered in the land register, contact a licensed cadastral expert to take the necessary measures; authentication; has a validity period of 10 calendar days and is used exclusively for the sale of the property. Meanwhile, no other extract from the land register can be issued for the same property. As a rule, at the time of concluding a preliminary contract, a payment is also made, which is considered an advance of the total amount to be paid for the apartment. However, it is specified that if one of the parties changes their mind and no longer wants to buy or sell the house, they will face penalties. The seller`s deed of ownership can be: purchase-purchase contract; construction contract; donation contract; exchange contract; Renta-Viagera Treaty; maintenance contract; Certificate of heir; Share the agreement with the mention «final and irrevocable». In addition, the notarial fees for the authentication of the purchase contract are calculated gradually according to the payments according to the value of the goods sold. — Title deed – the contract by which the owner has taken possession of the apartment that is the subject of the transaction The buyer pays an advance with the Arvun title. The preliminary contract must indicate the amount received from the seller and the difference in money (including the method of payment) to be paid on the day of the conclusion of the purchase contract. It is necessary to present the payment order paid to the bank for the annual property tax. The buyer is the party who acquires ownership of a property against payment of the price. Contracting Parties may be both natural and legal persons.

All the engineers in the land registry are also involved in the establishment of the property. The application for intabulation is made to the Bucharest Land Registry and Real Estate Advertising (link to Bucharest), the scope of the area to which its property belongs, the Buftea Land Registry and the real estate development (link to Ilfov) and takes about 15 days. It should be noted that there can also be a pre-purchase contract, so both parties (seller and buyer) keep a written promise to the notary about the future purchase process, the object of which is the apartment. If both spouses are registered in the real estate register as owners, both spouses must appear before the notary and sign the purchase contract. However, one of the spouses may grant the other spouse the right to sign the contract on his behalf with a public prosecutor if, for any reason whatsoever (going abroad, in good health, etc.), he cannot be present at the signing of the contract. The responsibility of notaries is usually for the authentication of contracts for the sale and purchase of real estate. With other fees, you can contact any notary in Romania to complete the real estate transaction, regardless of the location of the property or the residence of the parties. VAT must also be paid to the State at the notary`s office. The method of calculating the amount due for tax differs depending on the period that has elapsed since the owner entered the household. If the seller has had the apartment for less than 3 years, 3% will be paid for amounts up to 200,000 (inclusive). For rates exceeding this amount, €6,000 + 2% will be paid for a value greater than €200,000.

The table below shows the brackets on which the value of the goods must be indicated in order to calculate the authentication tray, as well as the percentage rates that make up the final notary fees and what they represent. The sales contract is synalagmatic because the obligations of the parties arising from it are reciprocal and interdependent (Article 1171 of the new Civil Code). The intabulation rate requested by the National Agency for land registration and real estate advertising is also paid by the buyer. This is 0.15% of the selling price. The landlord must pay taxes after the real estate transaction, but only if the property is worth more than $450,000. If the alienated property has several co-owners, the tax is calculated for each of them, depending on the share. The price for the issuance of the energy performance certificate is on average $130 for a studio, $150 for a two-bedroom apartment, $160 for a 3-bedroom apartment and $170 for a 4-bedroom apartment. For houses, the price is negotiated in most years depending on the size and complexity of the property. The certificate is usually issued within 24 to 48 hours and has a validity period of 10 years. 6.

The last invoice and the accompanying receipt prove the daily payment for utilities. To sell or buy, individuals must have the full capacity to practice. This capacity begins when the person has reached the age of 18 and consists in his or her ability to enter into a contract alone and personally, thus holding civil rights and obligations (Article 37 of the new Civil Code). 4. As a rule, ownership will pass from the seller`s assets to the buyer at the time of the conclusion of the contract. The transfer of ownership takes place even if the seller has not handed over the goods or if the buyer has not yet paid the price (art. . . .